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Precortical physiology of colour vision. Spectral composition is mainly a mixture of red and green cones. EM of a Golgi stained invaginating midget bipolar cell in the monkey retina. We believe that L- and M-midget ganglion cell responses are organized in the manner shown in Figure Visual acuity is a measure of our ability to discriminate the finest detail:

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This is in fact what is concluded in both physiological Martin et al.

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EM of a Golgi stained invaginating midget bipolar cell in the monkey retina. The parasol varieties of ganglion cells are the non-color opponent phasic varieties of ganglion cell recorded in the retina Gouras, and are also called M cells projecting to the lateral geniculate nucleus Shapley and Perry, ; Wiesel and Hubel, ; Gouras, for a review. This allows better discrimination resolution because of the possibility of imposing antagonism from neighboring cone systems, i. A pair of Golgi-stained human midget ganglion cells, including both an ON and an OFF type shows the different dendritic branching levels in retinal flatmount view. Midget ganglion cells are found throughout the near and mid peripheral retina Polyak, ; Rodieck et al. They project to a special layer of the geniculate nucleus called the koniocellular layer or K layer Martin et al. The one to one relationship was positively proven to be the case in the parafoveal area by an electron microscope study and reconstruction of serially sectioned midget ganglion cells and their input midget bipolar cell axons in parafovea, about 2 mm from the foveal pit Fig 14 Kolb and DeKorver,

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Midget bipolar cell
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Midget bipolar cell
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