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Brazen Bull Philosophy wasn't the only strong suit of the ancient Greeks; they dabbled in sadism too. He's given white food on a white plate and the guards outside wear soft footwear to muffle their sounds. While impaling people or crucifying them or even laying them on a torture rack was pretty common in history, there have been other methods that are so screwed up that simply reading about them might make you shudder. Screw in the nipple. Hanged by the balls. Life sucks, we know.

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If there was ever a torturer's handbook pretty sure there is onethere's probably a page that says, if you find a hole, make it bigger. Instead they were told, they could loot and plunder the regions they marched through, thus making life pretty shitty for non-combatants. Real Life Phunsukh Wangdu. This would start out as normal tickling but then the pain that followed would be extreme. Philosophy wasn't the only strong suit of the ancient Greeks; they dabbled in sadism too. Death by scaphism was incredibly painful, humiliating and protracted. Cunt hungry of sex.

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