Lump in the vulva area

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Sometimes it may be necessary to take a test from the skin or photograph the dark area of skin for follow up. Varicose veins are very common, especially after childbirth. They are bright red initially but can become darker, almost black. Pigmentation of the inner vulva: They are a normal variant, and it is not known why they are more prominent in some people than others. It is common in pregnancy.

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They can cause alarm because of the colour, confused with melanomas.

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They are found on the labia majora in women from the thirties onwards. They are slightly enlarged sebaceous oil glands, completely harmless. It is common in pregnancy. Minor surgery can remove any lumps here that are annoying. They appear as a painless soft lump. Seborrhoeic keratoses These are harmless warty lesions found all over the skin in increasing numbers in people as they age senile warts! They appear as raised white or yellow lumps, mm in diameter.

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Lump in the vulva area
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Lump in the vulva area
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