European domination of the indian subcontinent

These settlements had evolved from 'factories' or trading posts into major commercial towns under British jurisdiction, as Indian merchants and artisans moved in to do business with the Company and with the British inhabitants who lived there. Rest assured, quite a few educated Indians havent forgotten. They were resisted by native monarchs such as Tipu Sultan and the powerful Sikh Empire. India seemed to be suffering not merely from an unfortunate recent history but from deeply ingrained backwardness. The British adopted a clever strategy in India when it came to administering their new territories.

The prospect of finding new sources of gold and slaves in the colonies impelled tremendous high-risk expenditure on exploration and colonization.

What is our progress based on? They eventually even established a private army, at first to defend its interests, but later they were used for offensive purposes. But their cotton growers could not compete against slave labor in the Americas. The Partitions of Memory: The Spanish were briefly given territorial rights to India by Pope Alexander VI on 25 September by the bull Dudum siquidem before these rights were removed by the Treaty of Tordesillas less than one year later. Gandhi oversaw three major nationwide movements which achieved varying degrees of success inand in


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