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Encouraging, but without going into too much detail, i'm afraid "it might have been" in only my imagination. And she said seeing me reminded her of it because we were together when it happened. Anyway she's off an on, and eventually stops playing for awhile. Needless to say it really fucked me up for quite a while. Warning, this is likely not applicable to your situation and you probably won't care, but at this point it's almost therapeutic to write it out. We broke up after 6 years and it was amicable, no cheating, no lying, we just sat down, talked about it and decided it is over. I am clearly not dealing with it well but I hate putting my problems on other people.

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I'm talking about if they just stop trying because they already have you.

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I was still crazy for her at the time, so I didn't know how to take everything. I've tried tracking her down and get nothing still. I stumbled on to my ex a few months ago after a few months of not seeing her. Cheated, said they needed a break to deal with guilt, went out that night got drunk and banged a couple more guys, and then told me it was all my fault because I treated her like a child. Just know that if you don't actually say anything about whether you're friends, together, exclusive, or whatever, you can't get mad if it turns out that the other person was thinking something completely different, nobody should be expected to read minds.

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Me N My Ex Redd
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Me N My Ex Redd
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