Ayurvedic facial massage

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She is a graduate of Mount Madonna Institute. There I studied Ayurveda and learned the healing powers of this life science. In Ayurveda they believe a self massage or abhyanga is equally as beneficial as a treatment given by another. This influences the flow of vital energy known in Ayurveda as prana in both the physical body and the energy body, in order to restore health and promote peace of mind. This massage is based on ancient Ayurvedic principles. Ayurvedic face massage is based on the ancient therapeutic principles of Ayurvedad This form of therapy has been widely practiced in India for thousands of years, and now its popularity is slowly spreading to the Western worldl Ayurvedic face massage seeks to promote harmony and balance in the body by freeing constrictions within the facial muscles and connective tissueu. Facial massage is being progressively accepted as a vital basis for relaxation as well as a very important exercise for skin of the face.

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Regular application of an Ayurvedic facial supports the elimination of toxins.

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These principles act as derivatives for such a modern beauty treatment. The massage is carried out by application of massage oil and pressure along specific pressure points on the facec This helps to release all the stress-induced toxins from your face and restore it to its natural balancec The therapist uses his or her fingers to stimulate these pressure points by using special massage techniquese A typical massage session can last from thirty minutes to an houru. Stress affects the muscles of the face and causes these to contract. To help them bring their bodies back to a nurtured, stress free state of balance, because when they are in this state- their bodies are able to heal themselves. The outer corners of the nose 5. Thrilled to be able to share my favorite way I like to turn my daily application of moisturizing face oil into a healing ritual, by introducing simple Ayurvedic principles. We will be focusing on one section at a time, beginning with the face massage, which can be carried out in isolation, or as part of a full body massage.

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Ayurvedic facial massage
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Ayurvedic facial massage
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