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The most common chromosomal problem causing azoospermia in men is a situation where there is an extra X chromosome. Some causes can be treated effectively and others can be bypassed to allow a man to father a child with IVF. Genetic causes of azoospermia are not reversible but most men with genetic issues still produce small amounts of sperm within the testicles that can be used to father normal children. These include chromosomal abnormalities where the number of chromosomes is not as it should be called aneuploidy or parts of the chromosome arms break off and switch locations called translocations. This means there is a greater chance of finding an area that has sperm, and a better chance of becoming a biological father.

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Center for Male Reproductive Medicine

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One of the most important things we have learned about the testicle in the last 20 years is that sperm production in the abnormal situation is not homogeneous, meaning it is not the same or constant in all areas of the testicle. When one or more of the genes on this chromosome that is responsible for sperm production are deleted, it can result in azoospermia. Causes of Male Infertility. Some men have a problem with the production of hypothalamic or pituitary hormones and this is treated by replacing the missing hormones in order to encourage sperm production. This leads to functional impairment of the sperm cell and, ultimately, infertility. This is one of the most important reasons why a male reproductive specialist must examine someone with an abnormal sperm count.

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Male infertility no sperm
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Male infertility no sperm
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