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My wife wants anal sex, how do I bang her? Shortly after, I do a bit of yoga focusing on Pranayama breath in, breath outPaschimottanasana photo 1 and Baddha Konasana photo 2 to facilitate my digestive tracts cleansing. I like to take a bath and relax for a while as well after the douche. And that brings us on to… Lube - Every single answer here will highlight the importance of lube, and rightfully so. This is how I prepare myself. Use plenty of lube you may have to switch to a brand that works with condoms relax, do what is comfortable until you're ready for more, stop if it hurts. Basically, if you eat the right amount of this stuff, your BMs will be perfect and it makes it so that you basically don't have to wipe!

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How do porn stars not get feces on their penises when having anal sex?

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Even warming up should just be with a finger or very small toy as well as lots of lube. It's pretty common in anal porn now. Be on top is my suggestion. Why did Sunny Leone never do anal sex when she was a porn star? What is the best way for a woman to properly prepare for anal sex?

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How pornstars prepare for anal sex
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How pornstars prepare for anal sex
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