Facial and hand gestures

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Our observations of this gesture reveal the person scratches an average of five times. The speed of the finger or foot tap is related to the extent of the person's impatience - the faster the taps, the more impatient the listener is becoming. This gesture is often mistaken as a signal of interest, but the supporting thumb under the chin tells the truth about the critical attitude. Getting hot under the collar. Middle managers often use this gesture to feign interest to the company president who is giving a dull, boring speech.

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Sometimes the touching the nose can be several quick rubs below the nose or it may be one quick, almost imperceptible nose touch.

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Native Greek speakers are always very proud to inform you that the Greek language is a very rich one and when a native speaker is in action, it is often also accompanied by a rich variety of facial and hand gestures. The real skill is the ability to interpret which negative is the correct one. Interested evaluation - the head supports itself and the hand rests on the cheek. Slapping the forehead or the neck is a self punishing act, usually for the "crime" of forgetting. Desmond Morris was one of the first to discover that lies cause a tingling sensation in the delicate facial and neck tissues, and a rub or scratch was required to satisfy it. Without an awareness of the body language cues and signals, a bad hire could easily have been made. If the Chin Stroke is followed by leaning forward with arms open or picking up your proposal or sample, chances are you have a 'yes' and can proceed as if you have agreement.

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Facial and hand gestures
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Facial and hand gestures
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