Large bowl fluid itches anus

Your doctor may prescribe chlorphenamine or hydroxyzine. Complications of itchy bottom Frequently scratching your bottom may damage or tear the delicate skin around your anus. Stool on the skin around the anal opening — If the anal area isn't cleaned properly after a bowel movement, a small amount of stool may be left behind on the skin, causing the area to itch. Baby wipes are made of cotton and will not cause trauma to the anus. Although there is no specific diet to follow, it is important to try and establish a regular bowel habit. Cancer of the skin around the anus perianal skin.

In some people, it may be that something is irritating your skin.

Examination of a tissue sample biopsy. Check with your doctor or pharmacist about how long you should use them for. The process is cyclical and hard to break. I use Konsyl every morning. Gastrointestinal conditions affect your digestive tract your mouth, throat, stomach, intestines and anus. The best way to combat this problem is to solidify the stool to the consistency of Play Dough.


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