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Breathing deeply in and out will help you with the relaxing part. The A-spot is part of the AFE zone, which encompasses both the anterior and posterior fornix. We're all different and what works for one person can be a huge turn off to another. Easier said than done, I know. Apply pressure with your thumb in the opposite direction i. Give Anal Sex a Chance! If her clitoris was a clock, the hot spot would be at

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It is about the size of a walnut and feels like a small, flattened plum.

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The PS-spot can be pleasured by stimulating the perineum from the outside, or internally via the vagina or anus during penetration. Once you are aroused, your partner should begin licking the U-spot like a sweet ice cream cone, nice and slow. Also from there you want to just play on the outside of your anus and then slowly, slowly start penetrating with only a finger and then going towards bigger penetration with toys or also penal penetration. And, clitoral stimulation before and during G spot arousal works to get the G spot excited as well. You want to discuss with your partner how you want to do it, which means for example, if you want to use a condom in the beginning, which I actually recommend for simply your safety and also for just taking it step by step and slowly. By that, I mean that you actually bloat up your belly a little bit and imagine all that oxygen, all that breath goes all the way down there, so you are able to relax and breathe deeper into that. Who knows, maybe you'll have an erogenous zone all of your own

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