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Or victims might be fearful of being deported or may be paying off a debt. So I took it all off — to better understand my fellow Californians. Local leaders are coordinating efforts to thwart their operations. The masseuse placed a towel over my rear end, and then worked her way from my feet to my neck before asking me to turn over. No Happy Endings, Please: Massage regulation is one small, but telling, part of the story.

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If you're still unsure, here are some tips to follow before you visit a massage therapist:

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She told me I needed a full hour. The main agency tasked with overseeing massage parlors and enforcing the new county ordinance is an unlikely one — the Kern County Public Health Services Department. The CMTC has revoked at least 9, certifications, although not all are for prostitution or sex-related crimes. A study by the Urban Institute, a think tank, described a highly organized sex trafficking ring revolving around a chain of massage parlors in New York City, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. An athlete with sore muscles or an office worker with a stiff neck could not browse long online without running into websites offering Yelp-style reviews of sexually oriented massage parlors. With traffickers confiscating the women's travel documents, there's little to prevent the "owners" from turning the situation into outright slavery, extending the time of servitude by requiring the prostitutes to work off exorbitant sums and by imposing fees that ensure that they will never be able to pay off their debt. They may avoid the term "massage" in favor of "body rubs" or "body relaxation" in order to evade regulation from authorities.

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Asian california massage parlor
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Asian california massage parlor
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